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Consult with Tarot Card Reader Isha Ranga to know what the future has in store for you!
What i do

Empowering you to connect with your inner self.

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Tarot Reading

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Astrology Sessions

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Reiki Healing Sessions

Tarot Learning Batches

Since sharing talent always yields more satisfaction, I do provide virtual tarot learning classes for all the spiritual learning enthusiasts out there. With these batches, you get a fair understanding of tarot reading, its history, impact and how it can create a difference in an individual’s life. Details about the learning batches can be obtained by reaching out to us. 

About Me


We all have a passion that we want to pursue further. A passion that can be discovered at any age, at any point of life and in any circumstances. My passion was to become a tarot reader. When the second half of my life innings began, I knew I want to do something that is different from my ordinary self. That is when I identified tarot reading as a passion and since then, life has been revolving around learning, unlearning, healing and moving further towards getting better.

My name is Isha and this is how my tarot story began. Coming from an experience of more than 3 years of conducting tarot readings for my clients all across the globe, I take pride in acknowledging the fact that tarot has been life-changing for me as well as my clients.

Apart from being a full-time mother to two kids and my not-so-social dog, I’m a healer, a tarot reader, a friend and your spiritual guide. My journey began a few years back and it looks like an ongoing one for now. I hope you find all the services and solutions that brought you here to me and I look forward to assist you with your queries related to tarot reading, astrology, healing and spiritual guidance.

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Sessions conducted

Our Happy Clients!

Great talking with you. Thanks for the wonderful session. Had a good time. Got to know many things regarding life. Tarot angels are awesome. Thank you so much🙏
Assam, India
I had my first reading with Isha ji. It was amazing, she was spot on! She helped me understand my problems in a very easy way. She gave good insight on how should move forward. It was really worth it! Thank you, angels. Thank you Isha ji for much guidance. It feels so much clearer now ❤️
Madhuri Soni
New Delhi, India
I had a great time with you. You help me with my problems every time I come to you. Thank you so much ❤️ It was a pleasure talking to you. See you soon!
Chandigarh, India
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